Hi Y'all! My name is Brittanee Toth, a native Michigander turned Texan in 2019! I am a licensed cosmetologist who specializes in eyelash extensions. After doing eyelash extensions for a little while, I quickly realized that lack of quality products and education were preventing me from lashing at my fullest capability. I wanted to be the best Lash Artist in my area. So, I went into full search mode of different lashing techniques and different lash products. Eventually, I came across Yegi Beauty and decided to try out their brand- I instantly fell in love! After using their products consistently for about a year and seeing how my lash work was transformed, I felt it was time that I shared my knowledge with other lash artists. I started out as a brand ambassador for Yegi Beauty, while promoting their brand on social media. After that, I began teaching private lessons, using exclusively Yegi products, to teach other beauty lovers wanting to learn eyelash extensions. The crazy thing was that I remember thinking how cool it would be if Yegi Beauty had an educator program that I could be a part of, to take my teaching to the next level. Within about a week of me thinking that, I saw that Yegi Beauty had launched an educator program for lash artists across the United States! Long story short, it was meant to be! I love spreading knowledge to future lash artists in this rapidly-growing area of the beauty industry. As a lash artist, my career took off like I never thought was possible! I know the same will happen for you! I can't wait to see you at an upcoming class soon! 

Much love,